What is VIP?

VIP gives the following benefits:
More missions and prizes in Battlepass.
Prop limit increased to 80.
Access to special cars with extra benefits in the car dealer.
Extra health to the police cars, so it's harder to explode.
Increased salary (although jobs that don't get a salary is an exception)
Higher resale value for cars.
Red name in the Scoreboard.
Possibility to put printers & shipments in your trunk in most cars.
Possibility to put printers directly into your inventory.
Boosted money printers
Access to buy the exclusive truck (with space for 8 printers & 20 weed-pots)
All police cars has full NOS/Nitro upgrades.
Option to buy 8 pots instead of 5 at a time for weed-farming.
Access to extra and more powerful cars as police (soon)
You will not get kicked by the AFK-system.
Extra armor from the police locker.
Access to Police-drones.
Full Nitro/NOS on test cars.
Access to Selfie-camera.
Exclusive mechanic job (with tow truck + normal mechanic car).
Your props will not be instantly removed when you disconnect.
Access to Wiremod Forcers.

Prices from: €10

In-game money

What is In-game money?

In-game money can be used for many things.
You can buy cars, stuff for your gang, bases or other items, weapons, drugs and much else.

Prices from: €7
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